Kimberly Brown also known as Sassy Silva is a budding female artist with extreme talent and is also The Magnum Kings And Queens Of Dancehall winner of the year 2013.

Sassy’s journey began from as far as high school, where she would perform on numerous concerts and festivities and was always loved for her unique style of deejay and delivery. She hails from a small community in St. Andrew named Maryland where she is known to be one of the most talented female artist of her time.

She has a musical heritage wherein her now deceased mother was a back up singer for the likes of the great Bob Marley, and her dad played live instruments in a band brigade until he passed. Kim as she’s referred to by her peers and siblings has always demonstrated star qualities which she easily displayed on the Live Tv show Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in which she was victorious and crowned queen of dancehall.

Sassy has also done works with the likes  of prominent producers like Don Corleone and has a released song on his riddim named The Jankoonu and she’s also worked with Zip FM’s Zj Liquid on his hit riddim Helo Moto. She has also worked with the extremely talented French producer Guillaume Mestre of Otantic Records in France. She has owned her craft and is also known to be a very energetic performer who puts her soul into any performance and sees her music as her way of communicating with the world.

Sassy Silva

The Magnum Queens Of Dancehall winner

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