Masta link (born Kevon Campbell on April 28, 1989) in the parish of St Thomas, Masta link is one of brightest young talents coming out of Jamaica. From an early age he has been involved in music while singing for family and friends. While attending Seaforth High school he continued to carry on his work in music by going to studios on weekends in the city.

Over the years he won many competitions gaining the support of the local fans. His first single “likkle by likkle” got played many times on reggae radio Irie fm and lovers’ rock radio stations. He is highly rated in the underground market and many people have given him the nod to be the next big thing out of St Thomas. He is a focus young man, brilliant and a skilful writer. He credits his humility to the way in which he was brought up and today remain focus on where he wants to be. For the coming years he vouched that he will continue to work hard to ensure that his ambitions are realised.

Masta Link

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