ITALAWAH aka ORIGINAL LION FACE i born in 1968 and grew in Kingston Jamaica. I was primary eductation at ST RICHARDS PRIMARY SCHOOL and I Went on to MEADOWBROOK HIGH SCHOOL but never complete the course, my musical inspiration dirved from the beating of drums and Rastaman chanting due to the fact that my parents were rastafarian.

I also got the chance to see the king of reggae Bob Marley live several times at Twelve Tribes gatherings and an annual concert called “CELEBRATION” on Hope Road Kingston. I was inspired by strictly concious vibration and words with positive meaning. I also was a member of my primary school choir. I was always a writer of poems and songs from school days.

My first time in a recording studio was 1989 it was more like a learning experience. I the went on recorded several tracks a Cell Block Records while Buju Banton was still there Cell Block was owned ad operated by Sylvester Gordon around 1995. I also performed on Reggae Sting en 1995.

As time goes I recorded songs for various producers I went on to perform on white river reggae bash reggae kwanza rebel salute 2000 and 2001. In 2005 I went on an Europe tour with my brother Pinchers The Bondelero, I opened all shows in place like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy…

Since lately I’ve recorded on several tracks for various producers such as Otrmk2 (Otantic Records). Nothing as changed, music is my life my life is music. Now I’m teaching upcoming artiste how to write deliver life goes on world without end give all praise to the king one love.



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